10 Veteran Owned Coffee Brands You Should Drink

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Here at Retail Salute, we are true fans of coffee. In fact last year our sister site Army Wife 101 shared 6 Coffee Brands Military People Should Drink and you guys loved it. We’re sure it has to do with the military’s love affair with the “cup of Joe”. In fact enter any military hangar or office and you’re sure to find a pot of the good stuff brewing.

Since the holidays are here, we figured we’d do one more last minute go round of coffee brands that are either Veteran owned for those who love to shop with purpose.

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Black Rifle Coffee

Evan is a Veteran and owner of Black Rifle Coffee which he started so that military personnel overseas could receive “high quality roast to order coffee.” He’s spent literally a decade researching what makes a top notch batch of coffee and to top it all off he employs Veterans. He has a ton of selection, one of which includes a monthly coffee club.

Ranger Coffee

Is all about why we wrote this blog post. While coffee is great, it’s not exactly a necessary purchase. The fact remains a large portion of us swear by it. Ranger Coffee wants to “add meaning to the otherwise meaningless purchasing decisions that coffee drinkers make daily.”  In addition to offering specialty-grade Arabica beans imported from throughout the world, 50% of their profits go to helping causes that support and promote veterans.

Counter Strike Coffee

Brandon is the owner of Counter Strike Coffee and prides his brand on reflecting the experiences of those who have served in the military. Customers will find joy in purchasing coffee products with names like: Never Quit, Smooth Operator, Bombshell Brandy and more.

Blue Angel Coffee

Sells 100% Arabica coffee and is also Veteran and Law Enforcement owned. Their mission is to fuel America’s first responders as well as donate some of their profits to non profit and first responder organizations.

Lock & Load Java

Simply put, their coffee is awesome and they are Vet and Milspouse owned and is for the military. They proudly donated to several military charities. All the guys in my husbands previous unit LOVED when he would bring it in. They also offer a purchase program if you want to buy coffee for troops. Purchase and learn more here.

GI Joe Coffee

Wants you to be part of the movement by purchasing their awesome products that help military personnel, Vets and military families. It’s not their not that their “coffee is from a special country or that it is grown a special way, it is what G.I. Joe Coffee represents. Our coffee represents a time when all Americans were at the highest level of patriotism, support for the military, working as one, and sacrificing lifestyle for the preservation of our great nation.” Customers can look forward to nostalgic packaging and a coffee club. A Veteran brewer is coming soon too!

Other local coffee brands that are veteran owned with shops online include:

11 Bravo Coffee Company

Veteran Coffee Roasters

Veterans Coffee Company

Bomb Coffee

Share any Veteran Owned Coffee brands you know in the comments.


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